What is the Austin Music Connection?

The Austin Music Connection is a group of individuals that like to get together to create music.  We welcome singers, those who play musical instruments and those who prefer to listen and enjoy the music.

We welcome all people and all levels of musical ability.

We have some beginners, and we have some people who are very accomplished. What we share in common is our love for music and the fun of creating music together.

When do you meet?

We do not yet have a set meeting time or day.   Our events are publicized both on this website as well as through the Meetup.com system.

Several musicians, including a stand-up bass, on an outdoor patio at night.

Some events occur in public or semi-public spaces; others occur in private homes.

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Who can join?

Anybody can join. The Austin Music Connection is an open organization with no membership requirements other than “come help us make music.”

We were originally organized using Meetup.com, and continue to use Meetup for many of our organizational functions. Membership in Meetup is free.

Anyone is welcome to join. Click here to visit our page on Meetup.