Our Music

Source for Music:  Our Members

All open Sessions of the Austin Music Connection feature music selected by the participants.  At the present time, we are soliciting and publishing play lists of music.

As we develop our resources, we will have a stronger online musical presence.

If you are attending a session, and wish to suggest songs to play, please consider choosing a song from a previous playlist. This link will take you to our previous playlists: Austin Music Connection Song Book

Please use this link to submit songs for inclusion on a playlist:
Austin Music Connection Song Submission Form

The current playlist can be found at http://www.austinmusic.fun/currentmusicset/

We also have an extensive collection of music (chords and lyrics) from the Acoustic Music Connection (Sacramento, California area).  It can be accessed here.

If you would like to attend our next open event, please go to the Meetup event page to RSVP.