Song Circles

What's a Song Circle?

One of members suggested with use a song circle format as he had belonged to a group in Seattle who met using that format, and he thought it worked extremely well.

So, in his words . . .

"What I am looking for is a song circle instead of a jam session. I was part of a group up in Seattle that was just that, and I loved it. Basically we all sit in a circle and take turns sharing a song or whatever you’re working on. On your turn, if you prefer to go solo great, but if you want you can invite 1, 2 or all of the group to join in. The point is it is your choice. You can try out an original song and ask for feedback. You could be trying to learn a new song, but can’t quite figure out one part, so ask for help. But the main point is getting used to playing in front of others, and sharing your songs and performances with the group."

Here's the basics . . .

  • We all take turns,
  • Whoever has the turn is "king/queen of the song." He/she decides which song, and who performs . . .
  • You can do it solo
  • You can ask only certain members to participate, including both instruments and who sings
  • You can ask for feedback
  • You can even say "pass" and we'll move on to the next person.

How many copies of the music should I bring?

Bring enough copies of the music with you . . . .

  • If you want two guitars, a bass guitar and drums, then bring 5 copies (4 other people plus you). We have 12 people signed up, so if you want everyone in, bring 12 copies.
  • If you want to perform the song solo, then either bring 1 copy or memorize it.
  • If anybody submits a song in advance, I'll post it and ask everyone to bring their own copies, either electronically or on paper.

Song Choices

You may choose any song you want.

If you are looking for songs or versions of songs, please consider choosing something from the AMC Songbook.

Submitting a Song Choice

You do not have to submit any song choices in advance. If you decide you’d like to have your choice(s) posted in advance so people can either practice the song or download it electronically, please fill out the Song Request Form.